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Syria Direct is an independent media organization that seeks to promote a democratic and just future for the Syrian people. Fiercely committed to accurate reporting and the tenets of professional journalism, we produce timely, credible coverage of Syria, and provide training and consulting services.

We train highly talented, aspiring Syrian and international journalists in professional news-gathering and accurate, in-depth reporting.

Founded in 2013, Syria Direct is a registered LLC in Jordan, and is financed through grants and projects.

Our main activities are:

1) Media coverage on Syria: Publishing original news reports, interviews with newsmakers, and newsworthy photographs and videos from Syria, as well as newsletters

2) Training: Syria Direct conducts trainings and workshops on basic and advanced journalism skills as well as investigative and conflict reporting

Throughout the editorial process, we emphasize the tenets of professional journalism, from identifying sources and checking facts to providing balanced, well-rounded reporting on contentious issues.

Our commitment is to use the highest journalistic standards for Syrians to report on their own country, to influence the wider news agenda and inculcate principles of independent, critical thinking with integrity in our reporters.

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